BP Wealth Growth

Having served in this profession since 1961, Shri Babubhai P Thakker founded BP Group as early as in 1987. BP was later inpcorporated as a Company in 1997. BP Group's major areas of delivering growth include Stock Broking, Commodity Broking, Equity Research, IPO’s, Mutual Fund, Insurance and Distribution

Today, BP Group's major areas of delivering growth include

  • BP Equities Pvt. Ltd. (BSE, NSE & MCX-SX Stock Broking, CDSL - DP, Equity Research, IPO’s, Mutual Fund, Insurance and Distribution)

  • BP Comtrade Pvt. Ltd. (MCX, NCDEX & NMCE Commodity Broking)

Growth is an invitable necessity in Business. For the BP Group, growth has always been a two-sided affair. Our Clients have grown, and so have we, with them.

BP Wealth Values

Shri Babubhai Purushottamdas Thakker was a man with a sharp business acumen and foresight. He always found a way out of any unfavorable business condition. This quality made him a legend in the Native Share & Stock Brokers Association. As the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) grew, so did Shri B. P. Thakker. But what brought him immense respect were his values. A thorough Gandhian, armed with strong principles, he reared an organization that was built on the edifice of pure, positive thinking. This culture continues to run as a strong weaving thread in BP Group till this day. Equity Research, IPO’s, Mutual Fund, Insurance and Distribution.

BP Wealth Team

BP Group is managed by a group of dedicated team of young, educated and enterprising professionals with enviable reputation and goodwill. Respect for client's welfare is the hallmark of each member of the team.

BP Group is now lead by Mr. Yuvraj Thakker, the Managing Director. With an experience in the capital markets since 2012, Mr. Yuvraj Thakker had taken the Group through the massive technological changes with aplomb, even as he maintained the strong cultural values instilled by his father. The Group benefited from his value-based financial wizardry and has hence witnessed manifold growth in the financial sector.

To support the operations, he has employed a team of people with strong logics and loyalty, who have stood the tests of time in the bullish and bearish phases of the industry. The small family has since then grown to a very big family with over 200 team members assisting him in all the operations of the organization.

BP Wealth Broking

BP Equities Pvt. Ltd. is a member of BSE, NSE and MCX-SX with over 1000 Trader Work Stations, the Group has established its presence in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur and other cities. The broking operations are supported by a totally computerised back office system. This is further also complemented by excellent customised software to work with.

BP Wealth Research

Growth without research would be like a blind horse driving a cart. Professionally qualified analysts supported by other back-office staff supervise BP Group's strong research department. The research team follows a bottoms-up approach with specialization in stock picking.

The research team maintains a complete database, which also includes INFAC Reports and CMIE Publications. The BP Group also publishes a periodic newsletter for circulation among its clients. This enables our clients to keep themselves abreast of the opportunities to build wealth.

The research team keeps a watchful eye on the future sentiments of the market. This team has always alerted the clients with regard to the market movements, well before the panic strikes the market floor. There is also a strong team which provides technical and fundamental analysis studying the market movements encompassing both Indian as well as International market trends.

BP Wealth Powerful Infrastructure

The BP Group operates from the financial and the stock broking hub called the Dalal Street in Mumbai. Our lavish offices are spread around 5000 sq feet with excellent interiors and the most technologically advanced gadgets. The ambience provides an appropriate environment for the team to deliver the desirable results as they serve the clientele.

To extend the reach into the households of various parts of country, the Group has set up more than 30 offices, which services over 25000 clients from the various locations with over 1000 workstations operating seamlessly in BSE, NSE and MCX-SX. The group has a consolidated and comfortable network consisting of recent technologies like Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and also leased lines, VSATs and Ethernet. The team has an inbuilt system team which keeps a track on the market pulse of changes in the hardware and software industry. As a result the IT systems were never at any point outdated. There is a thorough integration between the needs of the organisation and the deliverables from the IT Team, which makes the team formidable among all.

Growth Plans

Warren Buffet once remarked that Investors of today don't benefit from yesterday's growth'. Today, the BP Group already has ready plans to increase its geographical spread by setting up offices throughout the country. BP is also empanelled with various leading institutions.

As you would notice, complacency was never in BP Group's DNA

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