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Where rich legacy and modern approach come together.

The journey of BP Wealth began with the vision of Babubhai P Thakker, a professional steeped in the equity markets since 1961. He founded BP Group in 1987 and the company was later incorporated in 1997. Babubhai brought a very insightful approach to equity trading and had a pioneering vision for the significance of research and technology in this space. His vision became the bedrock for a strong and future-oriented BP.

Evolving with the economy, learning from the markets.

Indian economy has witnessed a sea change from 60’s to 80’s and now – BP Wealth has witnessed the numerous significant happenings that transformed our economy. This rich source of learning through evolution has uniquely enabled BP Wealth to understand how our industries and markets function. We have a rich repository of information. At BP we are leveraging our rich heritage and learning to drive growth for our clients.

BP Wealth enjoys relationships that have been developed over more than one generation. Such long-term relationship is built only through a very high adherence to values. Over the years we have demonstrated a very high degree of relationship orientation and service. BP Wealth has invested in building an enviable technology led infrastructure to bring the latest high speed decision-making for our clients. At BP Wealth, we are amongst the very few equity broking houses in the country with a complete research team with the demonstrable capability to bring out powerful research reports. AT BP, we take our performance, advisory services and research with an extremely high degree of professionalism.


Since its inception, BP Wealth has always stood true to its founding principles and values. Through absolute adherence to our values, we have consistently built a trust based ecosystem internally and with our clients. Our values have formed the basis for our interactions, decisions and most significantly relationships.


Action and performance in a radically dynamic space of equity and markets, needs extremely agile systems in place. At BP, we understand the importance of time in decision making and we take a leading stance in ensuring that agility and dynamism is on our client’s side.


Integrity is the core of the value systems at BP and we believe that as an organisation operating in the markets, it is one of the most important values that enables us to harness relationships.

Technological superiority

At BP we have consistently been at the forefront of technology to ensure that our clients have the leading advantage in making and executing their decisions. Our technological prowess enables us to provide the most seamless experience while being ahead of the market.


Research is the backbone of driving growth at BP and that’s one of the reasons that we keep this function as an inherent part of our decision making process. We exhibit a very high degree of diligence in our advisory process and every information that we share with our clients goes through a rigorous process of time tested methodologies.

Built on the culture of thinking for you.

We are the people’s people, be it internally or with our clients. The BP environment is built on a degree of personal warmth that encourages everyone to remember what we are in this business for – you. We have invested consistently in people skills and have painstakingly evolved this sense of people centricity. This culture is a legacy given to us by our founder Babubhai P Thakker. Across all functions and disciplines at BP, this culture of mutual growth is embedded. Our leadership teams bring significant expertise on board and drive growth from the front.

"When you send your money out in the ruthless and rewarding world of markets, you need a few good people on your side."

The core leadership team at BP is headed by our MD Yuvraj Thakker. He brings on board an enviable experience and technological prowess. Since 2012, he is leading the BP team from the front.

Yuvraj Thakker
Managing Director

Mr. Yuvraj Thakker has a Masters in Science Finance specializing in Derivatives from the Bentley University, Massachusetts, USA. He has been trained in various management concepts from various institutes of repute.
After the demise of his father, he focused fully on the technological aspect and carved out a niche to focus on scalability of the business model while keeping the clientele at the focal point. He enabled the enterprise to branch out to verticals like advisory Portfolio Management, Non-Banking Financial spectrum, Fin-Tech etc.
As the Managing Director, he has played a major role in the progressive growth of the firm in the recent years. His rich experience and professional qualifications have helped the organization to emerge as one of the finest financial organization in India in a very short period of time.
He has instilled cutting edge technology while maintaining intact the strong cultural values instilled by his father. The Group benefited from his value-based financial wizardry and has hence witnessed manifold growth in the financial sector.

Rajeev Menon

Before joining the Board in 2008, he has held managerial positions in the company. He possesses diverse experience of over 20 years in the financial services sector. He has been in charge of numerous functions in BP Wealth and has been instrumental in acquisition of NSE membership and rebranding & consolidation of the BP Wealth group.

Ketan Jain
Business Head

Mr. Ketan Jain is the senior Vice president of marketing and sales department .He has been a part of the BP Wealth journey for the past 20 years. His immense contribution to the organization has led to a strong client base which in return has led to an increase in the number of satisfied customers. He has been instrumental in formulating various marketing and sales strategies which has built a strong brand of BP Wealth. He Joined the organization as a sub broker and eventually joined in as the Senior Vice President of marketing and sales .

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