Professionally qualified analysts supported by other back-office staff supervise BP Group's strong research department. The research team follows a bottoms-up approach with specialization in stock picking. The team at BP has also developed a probe desk to carry out arbitrage strategies for High Net worth individuals and other institutions. The probe desk consists of over 70 team members carrying out arbitrage, who keep a watchful eye on the future sentiments of the market. This team has always alerted the clients with regard to the market movements, well before the panic strikes the market floor. There is also a strong team which provides technical and fundamental analysis studying the market movements encompassing both Indian as well as International market trends.

Morning Wealth

  26/04/2018Morning WealthBP Equities_Morning Wealth_26th_April 2018
  25/04/2018Morning WealthBP Equities_Morning Wealth_25th_April 2018
  24/04/2018Morning WealthBP Equities_Morning Wealth_24th_April 2018
  23/04/2018Morning WealthBP Equities_Morning Wealth_23rd_April 2018
  20/04/2018Morning WealthBP Equities_Morning Wealth_20th_April 2018
  19/04/2018Morning WealthBP Equities_Morning Wealth_19th_April 201
  18/04/2018Morning WealthBP Equities_Morning Wealth_18th_April 2018
  17/04/2018Morning WealthBP Equities_Morning Wealth_17th_April 2018
  16/04/2018Morning WealthBP Equities_Morning Wealth_16th_April 2018
  13/04/2018Morning WealthBP Equities_Morning Wealth_13th_April 2018
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